Who We Are

Our complimentary work experience allows us to add value throughout a company’s lifecycle, quickly identify key priorities and accelerate the value creation process following our involvement.

Our Board of Advisors is a select group of entrepreneurs and investors with tremendous experience and a track-record in creating shareholder value. They bring invaluable insight into how to build and grow successful companies, to the benefit of us and our portfolio companies.

Ole Sandberg Laurence Tunnicliffe

Laurence is the Chief Technical Officer at Aqua Ventures, responsible for the technical and creative aspects of the portfolio companies both online and offline.

Born and educated in Cambridge UK, Laurence has worked in PR, Web Development, Marketing, Dev-ops and web engineering in Europe and the US for the last 8 years.

An expert in modern Javascript MVC frameworks, e-commerce and PaaS's (particularly Amazon's AWS), Laurence co-founded Sixbondstreet.no in 2012, was Creative Director / Senior Front End Engineer at bMobilized Inc (2012-2014) while holding various titles at Global Enviro AS and Freya Skin Care among others. He is currently the CTO of Sixbondstreet.no and founder of Entropic Ventures, an NYC-based web architecture consultancy and incubator.