We believe that great companies succeed because of their ability to communicate a differentiated message and to forge an authentic connection with a targeted group of customers. At Aqua Ventures, we work with early stage companies, potentially pre- revenue, where there is a clear path to profitability and sustainable high gross margins.

Global Enviro ASA

Global Enviro is a greentech firm that has developed a unique and patented treatment system for organic/food waste through an aerobic composting process, suitable for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and food producers. Global Enviro has currently more than 50 customers world wide with initial installations being in operation for more than 5 years. Customer benefits includes reduced waste hauling costs, a more efficient, cleaner and odor-free handling of food waste, and social and environmental benefits by treating food waste onsite rather than trucked to contaminating landfills.

Aqua Skin Science Inc.

Aqua Skin Science is a US based prestige skin care and nutritional supplement company who’s goal is to develop and formulate the most efficacious skin care and supplement systems by leveraging partnerships with Scandinavia’s foremost biotechnology companies and research universities. Aqua Skin Science has developed Freya+ Scandinavian Skin Science, a high end anti-aging skincare and supplement line.

NYC Residential

NYC Residential is a Manhattan based real estate Company focusing on properties that generate a steady income-stream from rent regulated tenants and where there is a margin of safety by acquiring properties at a discount to replacement cost. The Company is set up to capitalize on the busting of the property bubble where solid properties can be acquired from distressed sellers at attractive in-going yields and where there is an opportunities to increase property cash flow through intensive asset management and intelligent capital allocation decisions. NYC Residential’s primary capital source is Scandinavian based high net worth individuals and select institutional clients.

NYC Residential